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ANWN Birthday Parties

Just like our ANW Class, we run the kids through all the obstacles, teaching the best way to navigate through the course in a safe yet fun and adventurous way. Depending on the age group, we throw in more challenging or less challenging obstacles. Coaches will assist those that need help with the course.

American Ninja Warrior Training Course (Ages 6-12)

Expect your young ninja warrior to be challenged in ways they never have before! Not only is our course fun and exciting, but it also teaches them the importance of teamwork, effort, patience, responsibility, following directions, and respect. They will be navigating the Rock Wall, beaming across the Peg Board, swinging through the Sky Rings, bouncing through the Quintuple Steps, and much more that tests their physical and mental prowess.

​Simply go to our MindBody Scheduler to sign up for the class. Make sure you come early to fill out your waiver form or you can Download and Print it yourself. If you have any questions about our course and how to enroll, contact Coach Mike Soster @ (216) 785-5433

How much time do we get?
One hour and 45 minutes. Let’s say the party begins at 12 Noon. If needed, we’ll allow until 12:10 for all the invited guests to arrive. During that time, the kids will enjoy open gym dodgeball until all of the guests arrive. From there, coaches will take the next full hour (sometimes longer) to run the ninja athletes through the course we have designed for them. At about 1:20, the kids will be finished with the course and ready for party food or cake. We ask that nobody goes on the course after the obstacle portion is complete.
Will food be provided?
We will provide only tables and benches for all the kids (and parents) to have a place to enjoy whatever you bring to the party, whether it be cake, pizza, ice cream, or opening gifts. We do have a refrigerator and freezer if you need to use it.
Will this be too challenging for my kids?
At this point, we have done birthday parties for plenty of 6 year olds and also plenty of 11 and 12 year olds. Not every party is run the same. We make sure we carefully read our crowd and determine which obstacles, events, competitions, and work load are appropriate for that specific group.
There will be a couple young kids, is that okay?
Our answer to this is always the same. The event will run best if we have kids around a similar age (or at least everyone over 6 years old). If you insist on letting 4 and 5 year olds join, it may hold up the obstacles too much and it will be less fun for other guests. Our recommendation is to not have them there, but we also know it’s difficult to do that with big families.
What is the cost?
The party is $250 for under 16 kids. Over 16 kids will simply be a $10 extra charge per ninja warrior (with a maximum of 28).
When can I schedule?
We take bookings 1-3 months out, however, there are always random openings. We schedule about 12-20 parties per month, so make sure you call to reserve your day and time as soon as your can.

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