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Drop In class - $16  •  3 Classes - $45  •  10 Classes - $130  •  20 Classes - $240  •  40 Classes - $440
Families can share class passes but not unlimited memberships


Drop In class - $16  •  3 Classes - $45  •  10 Classes - $130  •  20 Classes - $240  •  40 Classes - $440
Families can share class passes but not unlimited memberships


Cardio Kickboxing

This class packs a real punch by putting your body through a perfect combination of strength and stamina that takes aerobic kickboxing to a whole new level. We promise to bring out the warrior inside you by delivering one of the absolute best cardio classes you’ve ever experienced. Make sure you sign in online for this one as it will get full! 45 Minutes

Cardio & Conditioning

This class is all cardio movements using ropes, TRX, tires, turf, sleds, assault bike and more. Our goal here is maximum maximum maximum calorie burn, training the heart and lungs to the point where your conditioning can get ridiculously good. Come check it out! 60 Minutes

Fitness Boot Camp

Looking for an intense workout that will burn fat and keep you begging for more? Here’s your answer. A 55-minute blast that hits all the muscles in the body, and then hits them again. We use dumbells, battle ropes, TRX, resistance bands, medicine balls…you name it. With expert instructors providing safe modifications, this could be your go-to workout of the week. Bring a towel and prepare to sweat. 55 Minutes

Hybrid CrossTraining

This class is meant to be accomplished as a group where we ditch the stations and complete the workout in sync with one another. Expect to perform deadlifts, timed circuits, assault bike challenges, sled pushes, pull-ups, battle ropes, med ball variations, and way more. The motto for this one is, “It’s gonna be really tough, but we’ll do it together.” Set your alarm and make it happen! This is not a beginner level class, please talk to a coach before you join so you know what to expect. 55 Minutes

Body Rock Fitness

Boot camp style workout meant to hit every inch of the body with sequences more inviting to women using TRX, DB’s, Cable Systems, Bands, Ropes, Gliders, Kettlebells, and more. Originally this class was for Women Only, however, it is now welcoming to all individuals that are looking for an amazing workout. Make sure you sign in online, this one fills up! 55 Minutes

Barbell Strength

Full body strength workout incorporating Barbells, KBs, and DBs. We will warm you up, prepare your body for movement through flexibility and mobility, then we’ll dive into our training. After a solid 45 minutes of lifting, we will almost always finish with some Metabolic Conditioning (METCON).

*This class is for any age or individual whether you are an Athlete, do CrossFit, want to get to the next level with toning the body, or simply just have an interest in a very good strength training workout.


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