June 12th – August 19th

1st 5-Weeks (June 12th – July 16th): $200 Unlimited Camp Sessions
2nd 5-Weeks (July 17th – Aug 19th): $200 Unlimited Camp Sessions
FULL 10-Weeks (June 12th – Aug 19th): $380 Unlimited Camp Sessions

Can also purchase individual camp passes that families can share:
Drop-In $16 • 3 Sessions $45 • 10 Sessions $130 • 20 Sessions $240
Camp sessions will be coached by Coach Arin Pruitt, Coach Andrew Vaughn, Coach Mikey V , Coach Mike Soster, and Coach Holly Corwon.
*Private Training with any one of these coaches is available upon request*

Barbell Strength Training Camp (Age 14+)
Tuesday @ 11 AM, Thursday @ 11 AM, Saturday @ 9:30 AM

We all know what happens when these young athletes try doing strength training on their own, it’s not good! Poor form and unreasonable levels of progression can really hurt their potential. In Barbell Strength, we are able to deliver high-level training in a class format for those looking to gain solid weight, gain pure muscle, and take their game to the next level. Athletic boys will be able to put on 3-6 lbs of muscle per month and our young female athletes will be able to gain amazing strength while completely injury-proofing themselves.

MVP Strength & Conditioning Camp (Ages 12-16)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday @ 12:00 Noon (55 Min)

Dedicated primarily towards the overall athleticism and strength of an athlete, specific to the typical kid in that age range, targeting all aspects of training to include strength, power, plyometrics, speed, agility, and conditioning. Athletes in this class must be able to pay attention, be dedicated to their own sports performance results, show up on time, and give their best effort. We will modify as needed for those that are new or need assistance with our program. This is your go-to class for anyone attempting to participate in high school athletics at a more competitive level. On Tuesday, we will only focus on Speed, Agility, and Quickness with ladder drills, reaction drills, cone sequences, superbands, and sleds.

Athletic Strength, Speed, and Conditioning Camp (Ages 8-13)
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday @ 11:00 AM (45 Min)

This class a slight step-down from MVP in that we will be backing off of the more complex training due to physical maturity. We will focus just as much on strength training through other modes of age-appropriate exercises such as dumbbells, prowler sleds, slam balls, TRX, band resistance training, plyometrics, and more. Your athlete WILL get bigger, faster, and stronger in this session. We will make sure we practice proper warm-ups, flexibility training, nutritional guidance, how to have a winning attitude, and building athletes that are NOT afraid of hard work. Keep in mind, we overlap the ages because we know not all 12 and 13 year old mature the same.

GIRLS ONLY – Athletic Strength & Conditioning Camp (Ages 8-13) – GIRLS ONLY
Tuesday @ 11:00 AM (45 Min)

This class is more of a hybrid between MVP and Athletic Strength because of our desire to broaden the age range of this class. We really believe in weight training programs for female athletes due to their extremely high risk of joint injury, improper social beliefs on nutrition/exercise, and also the need for females to break out of their shell into the training world and show their true strength! Girls are of course welcome in all other classes as well. We would say it is probably most similar to MVP, but Coach Holly will throw everything at them! Have your daughter grab a friend and sign up together!

American Ninja Warrior Training Camp (Ages 6-12)
Monday and Wednesday @ 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM (55 Min)

Get ready to take on the Sky Rings, Jagged Jigsaw, Vertical Peg Board, Monkey Bar Mountain, Swinging Rope Climb, Catapult Jumps, Tractor Tire Obstacle Course, Sled Pushes, Quintuple Steps, and More! Coach Mike expects a disciplined attitude upon every visit as this class raises the bar for our young ones and teaches them the power of overcoming mental barriers and perceived physical limitation. They will get various forms of physical homework, which is absolutely perfect for keeping them off the couch in the summer. They will also earn Ninja Bucks, our way of promoting positive reinforcement and a very motivating methods of getting those kids to work extremely hard!

Little Ninjas Obstacle Training Camp (Ages 4-7)
Tuesday and Friday @ 11:00 AM (55 Min)

We will teach our little ninjas everything there is to know about becoming a real ninja warrior at Functions of Life. Obstacles are designed for this age to be slightly assisted by parents, however you would be surprised at how much they can accomplish! Our ninja warriors will be naturally motivated by Coach Mike’s military discipline and of course NINJA BUCKS as a sweet reward for hard work, following directions, doing their homework, and simply having fun! Please call or email if you have questions about this class. We use our older kids as leaders.

We will be very strict on ages this year so make sure your son or daughter is enrolled in the right class for their age or speak directly to Coach Mike if you have an athlete on the cusp of different age categories. All sessions can be purchased as a package of classes through our website. We want to be accommodating to families during the summer months to enable our athletes to come whenever they can.

*Adult classes will sometimes be held at the same time as listed on the current class schedule*
*Purchase All Sessions Online* *Families can share class pass sessions only, not unlimited*
*Sessions could be added or removed based on amount of sign-ups*

Thank you all for continuously supporting Functions of Life-Fitness and Performance!
If you have any questions regarding our amazing programs, please feel free to contact us!
Coach Mike Soster, NASM-PES, M.S.

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